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A Veteran owned and operated business

Yourwood Creations specializes in smaller furniture items, like end tables, coffee tables, night stands, hope chests, toy chests, and hallway benches. Many examples of these types of items are included in the gallery. In addition, we make some unique items which make good gifts for many occasions, such as pens and pencils, salt and pepper mills, cutting boards, bowls and canisters. All items are made one at a time, by hand using locally sourced wood.

The name “Yourwood” comes from the idea that we can make many of these items from wood that you provide. When a group of volunteers helped to clear trees and underbrush from the local Boy Scout camp, we presented each of them with a pen made from one of the trees they helped to remove. A church trying to raise money to replace their pews converted one of the pews into pens they could sell. Each person received a pen that had been sat on by sinners and saints. Many bowls, canisters and similar items in the gallery were made from trees that fell in my neighborhood. Cutting boards can be laser engraved with pictures, diagrams or messages that you want or that you provide.


“Yourwood” also means that items are finished the way you want them. Night stands, coffee tables, etc can be delivered unfinished if you wish, or you can select from a variety of finishes from traditional wood finishes to the rustic, farmhouse look which has become very popular. We make these items one at a time. This means that we can adapt designs if you have unique requirements, such as odd sized items, longer or shorter tables, designed to fit in special places. In a furniture store, you get whatever they have in stock. Here, we make what you want, the size you want and the finish you want.

Shop size and technology limit us in some areas. Our furniture is mostly Shaker style, with simple lines and designs which emphasize utility and durability. Cabinets, book cases, dressers and other larger furniture items exceed our capabilities for space and shipping. If you are not sure, send us a picture or diagram with dimensions and we can discuss it.



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